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Ning Wei

Lead Data & Backend Engineer

Worked as a Proprietary trader for over 5 years, love coding, product design and quant trading. Committed to bridging the gap between ordinary investors and institutional sharks.

Guohua Zhang

Financial Analyst

Guohua Zhang graduated from Jilin University of Finance and Economics in 2010. He has a deep financial background and led audits of multiple listed companies IPO. He has a deep understanding of corporate financial status and has an insight in Investment.

Zhichao Zhang

Backend Team Leader

Working as CFD numerical simulation engineer for an Aerospace company after obtaining PhD in Mech & Aerospace from UC, Irvine. Currently studying for a Computer Science Master degree focusing on big data and machine learning from ASU. Love programming using C/C++, Java/JavaScript, and Python.

Xiangyu Hou

Backend Developer

Xiangyu graduated from McMastser with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, he worked as a product developer in a Canadian company. He is currently pursuing his MCS degree at ASU. He joined Quantvortex in 2021 and is responsible for backend development.

Duoyu Chen

Frontend Team Leader

Open Source Lover. Design Lover. Majored in Computer Science at the University at Buffalo. As a Frontend Developer, constantly looking for a revolutionary way to carry out the best UI/UX to users.

Yalu Zhou

Data Scientist

Working as Clinical Research Associate in a top-ranking University in the United States, with a Master of Science degree from National University of Singapore. Over ten years of research experience in cancer biology and functional genomics. Analyzed large numbers of clinical data from patient samples.