One Stop Investment Data Analysis Platform

What can we do for your stock investment?

Unique quantitative + AI stock selection

The company's original multiple filter stock selection method, from nearly 10,000 U.S. stocks, screen out the most valuable targets.

Big Data Analysis

A complete cloud security system built in accordance with the security requirements of financial enterprises to ensure all-round security of financial applications and data

Trading Plan Customization

Centralized monitoring of distributed cloud environment, unified resource and application status view, intelligent analysis and fault location

Institutional Order Tracking

One-stop mobile financial APP development and comprehensive monitoring; abundant components, dynamic release and fault hot repair.

Investment Report

Financial-level online transaction processing middleware, large-scale distributed computers, and tens of thousands of transactions/second level concurrency, strictly guarantee the unity of transaction data.

Professional Team

One-stop, full-cycle big data collaborative work platform, PB-level data processing, millisecond-level data analysis tools.

What can we do for your stock investment?

The first level of filtration: analysis by industry experts

Professional biomedicine and technology industry experts conduct in-depth analysis of the company's prospects, current technology, and development trends.

The second level of filtration: fundamental analysis

Financial experts analyze the company’s long-term and short-term fundamentals and financial status. Combining further with quantitative program analysis, adding NLP natural language recognition technology, it can more accurately and timely track the financial status of thousands of stocks.

The third level of filtration: technical analysis

U.S. stock traders with more than 10 years of experience, combined with quantitative program models, analyze the current market bubble degree, risk-return ratio, and find the best entry and exit points. Combine machine learning technology to scan and monitor the market in real time to reduce potential risks and capture Potential high-yield opportunities.